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Best Buy Refreshes Online PS4 Stock Ahead of the Holidays in North America

Posted by Sammy Barker

Going, going...

Sony’s currently flooding both the UK and North America with one final batch of PlayStation 4 consoles before Christmas, and Best is the latest retailer to put the system up for sale. At the time of writing, the online store has a slew of different options, including some decent bundles featuring the next generation device and a couple of accessories.

If you just want the machine, it’ll set you back $399.99 from the outlet. Bundles include the hardware and Call of Duty: Ghosts for $449.98, and all of the aforementioned items with an extra DualShock 4 and a PlayStation Plus voucher for $559.96. If you simply want the console and access to Sony’s subscription service, then that will set you back $449.98, while the system and an extra controller will cost you $459.98.

You can jump through here for all of the options. Have you managed to track down a PS4 yet, or are you still desperately hunting for a device? Add to basket and then scream about your success in the comments section below.


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RisefromAshes said:

I'll wait it out until Easter. I can't find a PS4 console on its own. There are only bundles to be bought.



Epic said:

Found 17 on stock on my local videogame retailer, they are asking 750$ for it.
This confirms that I will need to import one sooner or later if they keep these prices up. xD



RisefromAshes said:


I'm in the UK.

Btw, you might want to update the article. PS4 is sold out at Best Buy within 3 hours.

Sony need to allocate several million to NA because a couple of thousand won't do.



zeldagaymer93 said:

Xbox One sales are going to pass PS4 by the end of the year since you can actually find them if you try.



zeldagaymer93 said:

I meant sales for NA. I wasn't trolling, I was using supply and demand logic.

EDIT: I'm trying to find a PS4 currently and I don't really like Microsoft as a company. But they are keeping up with demand (although demand is higher for PS4s.) This isn't trolling. This is fact. Too many users get pissed off whenever there is some slightly bad news about their consoles sales.



RisefromAshes said:


The reason why there are so many Xbox One's on store shelves is because everyone is more concerned with PS4.


Good luck getting a PS4. I mean that sincerely.



Vanessa5912 said:

Found one yesterday at a Walmart. They said they got thirty in on the 15th and there was only two left when I got there. Went in for an oil change and came out with a PS4!

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