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UK Sales Charts: PS4 Games Are Already Selling Strongly

Posted by Sammy Barker

Call of Duty: Ghosts gets off to a decent start on the system

Sony’s next generation console may be right around the corner in North America, but there are still a few weeks before it settles its blue and black chassis on UK stores shelves. That’s not stopping the console’s initial roster of software from performing fairly well, though, as the PlayStation 4 accounted for three per cent of the chart-topping Call of Duty: Ghosts’ launch sales. That may not sound like much on paper – but it was enough to push it above the PlayStation 3 versions of Battlefield 4 and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag in individual SKUs. It also outsold the Wii U and PC versions of the Activision first-person shooter.

That’ll be promising news for the platform holder, as it attempts to command a third-party advantage on its console. Traditionally, multiformat games have performed better on the Xbox 360 in North America and the UK, and that’s evidenced again this week by a whopping 62 per cent of Infinity Ward’s middling military excursion selling on the Microsoft machine. The Japanese giant’s system managed just 34 per cent in comparison, a ratio that it will be keen to improve over the coming console transition.

In terms of the traditional top ten, Battlefield 4 finished up in second, while Edward Kenway’s on water adventure dipped into third. FIFA 14 kept things tight in fourth, as Grand Theft Auto V and Batman: Arkham Origins finished up in fifth and sixth respectively. Meanwhile, WWE 2K14 grappled its way into seventh, while Skylanders: Swap Force switched its way into tenth. Have you picked up any new titles over the past week? Dust off your wallet in the comments section below.


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divinelite said:

for some reason or two, reading PS4 games topping "definitive version of COD ghost" ( making me laugh so much

well, i won't buy this even for ps4 though, Killzone is for my FPS needs



Crimson_Ridley said:

Such a shame that it has to be CoD. I wish the idiots would stop buying in to that crap, and let the news articles talk about other games starting off the next generation sales. Let's hope this is the last in this tired old franchise.



Cowboysfan-22 said:

Target is having a buy two, get one free event this week in the States so I'll be swinging by and picking up some games. Probably AC 4amd Battlefield 4. Any suggestions as to what my free title needs to be?



Shellybird27 said:

Knack, or Killzone [email protected]



charlesnarles said:

@Cowboysfan-22 rofl, swinging by the States? (jk) I'm absolutely doing that too, or there's also Amazon with the same promo. Really good deal, idk why anyone wouldn't do it



Cowboysfan-22 said:

Haha. No I'm not swinging by the states, I live here. Good catch though. I don't know if I'm totally sold on Killzone yet and Knack isn't my kind of game, so I have some pondering to do. Thanks for the help though guys. Plus there are always the free to play games

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