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Grand Theft Auto Online's Stimulus Package Boosts Your Bank Balance

Posted by Sammy Barker

Blood money

If you’re feeling particularly flush at the moment, that may be because Rockstar Games has finally started processing Grand Theft Auto Online’s promised Stimulus Package. The meaty $500,000 in-game cash injection was pledged by the publisher as an apology for the shaky launch of its multiplayer mode, but the company has taken its time over the transaction. Originally, the financial boost had been set to release in instalments, but now it seems that the money’s going to be transferred in one lump sum.

To be eligible for the financial sweetener, you'll need to have braved the developer’s iffy servers at any point during October. “Thanks go out to everyone for their continued patience and understanding while we worked through these issues," a spokesperson for the studio said. “We can't wait to bring more into the world of Grand Theft Auto Online.” Just try not to let it crash this time around, yeah?


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Savino said:

Looks like this easy money ruined the game for me!
Now I have 800.000k, 10 cars garage, the cars I liked (none of those vaccas and adders, I like jeeps and my lovely bravado bufalo)) and dont know what to do!

Guess it is time to move to a certain caribeans island...

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