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Alec Baldwin Rejected 'Cop Killer' Voice Role in Grand Theft Auto 2

Posted by Orla Madden

A huge sum of money was on offer

Famous actor Alec Baldwin rejected a voice over role in Grand Theft Auto 2 after being offered an "incomprehensible amount of money", mainly due to the fact that he didn't want it to tarnish his reputation.

The film star, who has an awe-inspiring catalogue of films and television appearances to his name, revealed in a recent interview with the IndieWire that he refused the part due to the nature of the role.

"[The makers of] Grand Theft Auto came to me to do the voice of some mobster, many years ago, for Grand Theft Auto 2," he said. "And they offered this incomprehensible amount of money for one day's work. I turned them down because [the character] was a cop killer. And I didn't want to go near that [because] of my reputation; I have enough problems with the press as it is. I said no."

Grand Theft Auto 2 released on the PSone over a decade ago in 1999. Developed by DMA Design – now known as Rockstar North – it was the last instalment in the sandbox series to boast a top-down viewpoint. Do you have fond memories of the classic criminal opus? Do you think that Alec Baldwin would have been a good fit for the game? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Tasuki said:

Was there voice overs in Grand Theft Auto 2? I thought that they didn't add voices till GTA III.



SuperKMx said:

I think he means GTA III, if I'm honest. Big fan of the guy's work, and I'm glad he turned it down. Many actors would have seen dollar signs and gone for it, no matter what the part. Good on him.



Munkyknuts said:

I don't remember voice overs in GTA2 either, so I agree that maybe he's thinking of 3. I don't think his voice would have added to the game and certainly wouldn't have been worth the damage to his rep that it would have brought....I recall the media being in uproar against GTA at the time.

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