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Soul Sacrifice Delta Coming To PS Vita In 2014

Posted by Damien McFerran

Keiji Inafune also hints at full-blown sequel in 2015

PS Vita exclusive Soul Sacrifice is getting a revised version in the shape of Soul Sacrifice Delta, the existence of which was confirmed by creator Keiji Inafune during Sony Computer Entertainment Japan's press conference this morning. The game is expected to hit Japan in March next year.

New spells are promised, and Delta will also include a new "neutral force" that offers a third option in addition to saving and sacrificing during battle.

Inafune also hinted at a true sequel to Soul Sacrifice appearing at some point in 2015.


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InsertNameHere said:

I haven't even gotten to sacrifice my soul yet and a new one is already on the way?!

I wanted a brand new Vita, so that I could show Sony my support, but I guess I'll have to support them on the software side.



Punished_Boss_84 said:

Me too
Good i'll buy this when it comes to the UK which it will because its published by Sony and they do care for PS Vita right?

I see no reason for this not to come over.



Bliquid said:

Interactive Environments!
New Spells!
New Fiends!
So want this!
I surpassed 200 hours on SS; time for some more Hours on SS!



Gemuarto said:

I hope those who already own the game, can update it to Delta for less money. I will not buy another version of SS for another 36$ =). Maybe for 15 or 20$ =). Like Crapcom made with last version of Street Fighter IV. But video looks pretty interesting. Also, I want some classic action RPG in Soul Sacrifice world. Thank you =)



artemisthemp said:

So is this a new game or just a upgrade (Kinda like Ultimate to Dead or Alive 5)?

I also didn't catch the EU release date.

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