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A Whopping 1.3 Million Players Floored Gran Turismo 6's Demo

Posted by Sammy Barker

Racing in circles

An incredible 1.3 million players strapped themselves into Gran Turismo 6’s recent demo, which also doubled as part of the qualifying process for this year’s GT Academy competition. With the time trials all wrapped up, those budding speedsters that topped the leaderboards will now be drifting into the regional finals, where they’ll burn rubber for a chance to win a place in Nissan’s real-life racing team.

If you haven’t quite honed your virtual driving chops yet, you can look forward to the full game parking on your PlayStation 3 later this year. The demo will remain available until the end of August, so feel free to keep shaving seconds off your best lap times in preparation for the proper release.


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AaronYeager said:

I still say Sony would've been smart to make GT6 a launch title for PS4. They're still sell a ton of software units on PS3, but I think it's more important to push the newer hardware.



get2sammyb said:

@Clamedeus @ajaychitown The thing is, the PS4 is pretty much going to be sold out until Christmas. They don't really need any more games. A port of GT6 on PS4 in the slow summer months next year, though? That would be huge - and that would push hardware.

It's smart what they're doing with inFAMOUS, too. They're going to drop it in the new year, just when people would ordinarily be complaining about droughts. They'll have replenished stock by then, and it's going to really propel sales of the PS4.



8vpiper said:

Agreed they need to spread it out. worked for last of us to place it in a gap, that and i would like tlou ps4 remake please



AaronYeager said:

@get2sammyb I here you on that, but I just feel a title the calibur of GT6 would've made their launch lineup more complete and would have given them that "must have" title they need. Kill Zone is definitely a good launch title but Gran Torismo is a legendary franchise, especially for motor heads. That would've given them a clear edge over Microsoft even with Forza. Sorry but Drive Club is still unproven at the moment but I guess it could turn out to be a surprise.



Ginkgo said:

I downloaded it a had a go, but didn't find the time to progress far through their academy. Honestly, it felt just like GT5 which was my fear. The only reason that I am thinking of getting this game is for the Mt Panorama track in Bathust, which the most famous and iconic racing circuit in Australia.

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