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Puppeteer Stages a Demo on European PlayStation Network Soon

Posted by Sammy Barker

Dress rehearsal

Japan Studio’s quirky PlayStation 3 platform adventure Puppeteer is set to break a leg a little earlier than expected in Europe. Those of you residing in the region will be invited to read a few lines with the cast of the side scrolling adventure “soon”, as the developer applies the finishing touches to the title’s demo.

“In preparation for release, I’m happy to announce that a playable demo demonstrating the essence of Puppeteer’s gameplay will be made available in Europe prior to launch,” art director Gavin Moore explained on the PlayStation Blog. “We plan on packing loads of content into the demo, and we hope that it will give you a great idea of how the finished game will feel when it hits the PS3 on 11th September.”

There’s no word on exactly when the demo will take to the stage, or if it will be made available in North America. Regardless, this is one act that you’ll probably want front row seats for.


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sajoey said:

Man, why does the North American store have to suck so much compared to the European store?



rjejr said:

The first season of DBZ would make a really cool game in that engine.

And it doesn't take much to change Kutaro to Kakarot

The "theatrical pack" doesn't contain enough to get me to pre-order but I'm really looking forward to playing this.

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