While the enhanced PlayStation 4 camera doesn’t come bundled with the console, it’s still being touted as an integral part of the system’s setup. This brand new trailer deployed by PlayStation Japan shows off an augmented reality demo known as the ‘Playroom’, which uses a combination of the camera and the DualShock 4 to provide some simple motion controlled gameplay.

In one scene, the camera uses facial recognition to detect the player, and then sends a robot to set his hair on fire. Another sequence shows some weird cyborg things being held captive inside the DualShock 4, and then flicked onto the carpet using the controller’s touch pad. It’s simple stuff, but a decent demonstration of what’s possible with the new peripherals.

Sony hasn’t officially said anything yet, but we suspect that this demo will ship as a free download alongside the camera. Are you planning to purchase the new PlayStation Eye? Let us know in the comments section below.