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Retailer: PlayStation 4 Will Revive the UK's Flagging Market

Posted by Sammy Barker

Pre-orders for the next generation platform performing extremely well

UK retailer GAME believes that the impending PlayStation 4 will successfully resurrect the nation’s troubled video game market. Chatting with, category director Charlotte Knight explained that pre-orders for the platform are “performing very well” at the outlet, and that the store has seen “incredible excitement and interest” in the machine.

"Just like the rest of the gaming community, we were glued to the coverage of the Sony announcement," she told the website. "We moved really quickly to get our PS4 pre-orders up and live and we saw a huge amount of excitement right from the word 'go'."

The retailer has been pushing the system extremely hard over the past couple of weeks. Our local store is dressed with PS4 posters, explaining that you can pre-order the platform now. You need to pay a £20 deposit in order to get your name listed, but if it guarantees a console at launch, we suppose that it’s worth it.

"We think that [the PS4 is] what the gaming community of the UK wants and so that's what we support," Knight continued, before adding that the system will “boost retail sales” in the region. "Despite not actually seeing the device, the impressive hardware specs and incredible-looking games were more than enough to convince fans to secure their console and avoid disappointment when it launches.”

Have you pre-ordered your PS4 yet? Do you think that it’s too early to be registering your interest in the just announced console? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Dambuster said:

I was in Game the other day, a Jemery kyle type of woman, pushed to the front of the que, slapped £20 on the counter and said she would like to pre order the ps4. After taking her money she asked whats the difference between ps3 and 4, and was told that the ps4 is 16 x more powerful! and they will be getting a demo unit soon! (Game in Milton keynes) So Game will tell morons anything to get there money!



get2sammyb said:

@Dambuster Well, it's probably not that far from the truth, right? I'd imagine most stores will get a demo unit this year — it depends whether that counts as "soon".



Snorky said:

GAME would need to pay me £20 to preorder anything from them.



Ps4all said:

I wish they would open up pre orders in the us. Hopefully the rumors are true that Sony has a ton of ps4s in production and their won't be a shortage, but i want to lock in a pre order.



Ps4all said:

I also noticed Gamestop UK is accepting pre orders visa their website.



hYdeks said:

@Magolor yup, agreed, wait till we at least get more info or SEE the system people, just don't throw your money at Sony lol The system sounds good so far, but god knows it could be WAY more expensive than your willing to actually pay

I find it funny, I was in Gamestop yesturday and people still ask questions about the Wii U cause they barely know anything about the system (and none of the games are on the shelves ) but not even a couple minutes after him, a girl came up pre-ordering the PS4, just wow lol So yay, there is definitely some hype behind the next PlayStation!

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