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Japanese Soul Sacrifice Commercial Shakes Its Maracas

Posted by Sammy Barker

Sony forgoes sanity for latest spot

Sony is pushing PlayStation Vita exclusive Soul Sacrifice extremely hard in Japan. We’ve already seen a couple of the platform holder’s more conventional commercials for the Monster Hunter-esque title, but this one steps headfirst into nonsense territory. It shows a group of Japanese office workers going nuts in a restaurant. We’re not entirely sure that we understand the messaging, but, hey, it’s made us want to play the game more.

Update: As is rightly pointed out in the comments section below, this commercial actually features footage from various other games such as Toukiden, too. It's probably telling that we didn't spot that first time around.


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Gemuarto said:

It's not just about Soul Sacrifice, it''s about that you can play co-op hunting games on Vita. There where moments from Toukiden, PSO2(not sure) and Souls Sacrifice =)



get2sammyb said:

@Gemuarto I totally didn't notice that. You're right. I've updated the article to clarify. Although, I think this says more about the state of current Japanese games. Must everything look exactly the same as Monster Hunter? These three titles are indistinguishable.



Gemuarto said:

@ger2sammyb Sorry for pointing in the commets >___< I just know japanese a little and noticed only because of that =).

In this ad, actions on the date are compared to actions in hunting games, Co-op play - guys praise each other(Toukiden). Concerted attack - singing karaoke together(PSO2). Defeat - girls went away after that karaoke singing(SS) =).

And yeah, you are right, they look all the same =(. I hope vita will get more fresh games that are not about hunting =). But at the same time, i really looking forward for Toukiden and Soul Sacrifice =). It is really fun to play those games on the go and with friends.



charlesnarles said:

Why didn't they make Peace Walker HD for Vita, then, if so many people like that style of game? Funny ad, tho. SS is gonna be fun



JavierYHL said:

hope ss sells well so that these kind of games remains on the vita...multi raid 3 pls :)

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