Blossom Minds’ fascinating fluid-based adventure Walter could be coming to the PlayStation 4 – that’s if the developer can find a partner within the next few days. The studio revealed the puzzle platformer for PlayStation 3 last year, but following the intervention of a publisher, opted to upgrade the title to Sony’s next generation machine. However, the unnamed company recently decided to withdraw, leaving the team high and dry.

“As of today, with most known opportunities investigated, we’re preparing to put the studio on hold if we can’t find a solution in the next few days,” the developer explained on its website. “Walter can’t be released without financial support for the remaining development.”

With GDC promptly approaching, it’s the perfect time for Blossom Minds to be appealing for publisher support. Whether anyone will actually stump up the funds remains to be seen, but we’re doing our bit to help by sticking the title’s debut trailer in the space below. Would you like to see the game drip its way onto the PS4? Share your support in the comments section.