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We'd Totally Study the History of BioShock Infinite's Columbia

Posted by Sammy Barker

Look around you

We never really cared about history at school – but we suspect that our disinterest would have been reversed if we got to learn about floating cities. This excellent BioShock: Infinite mockumentary outlines the history of Columbia in an informative and educational way. It sure beats watching another ancient BBC funded video about Oliver Cromwell.

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Galvatron said:

This game will absolutely rock; Bioshock 1 & 2 were the defining examples of immersion, and coupled with true sandbox level design, mesmerised gamers with the backstory of Rapture. On ocassion, they were genuinely chilling and Fort Frolic was ingeniously designed.

I've not felt the same absorption with early previews of Infinite, but I reckon it will be a game of the year contender given Ken Levine's pedigree, so a day one purchase for me. Just a shame the Vita Bioshock title hadn't materialised.

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