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Test Drive the 2014 Corvette Stingray in Gran Turismo 5

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Gran Turismo 5 players will be amongst the first to get behind the wheel of the newly announced 2014 Corvette Stingray this week, when the vehicle is added to the simulation racer for free. Just one day after its debut at the North American International Auto Show, the luxury supercar will be added to the PlayStation Store as a complimentary download. You’ll be able to grab it from tomorrow in both North America and Europe.

“The Corvette Stingray will produce an estimated 450 horsepower and 450 ft. lbs. of torque, is capable of accelerating from 0-60 in less than four seconds, and will achieve more than 1g in cornering grip,” explained product manager Ken Chan on the PlayStation Blog. “It will also be the most fuel-efficient Corvette ever, exceeding the EPA-estimated 26 MPG of the current model.”

You can check out the vehicle in action courtesy of the outstanding trailer embedded below. Yeah, it looks hotter than Kim Kardashian dressed in nothing but strawberries and chocolate sauce, doesn’t it? Let us know if you're planning to download the car in the comments section.


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get2sammyb said:

Oh my goodness, that trailer is so good. It's got me drooling over the prospect of a GT6: Prologue video alongside PS4 launch now.



charlesnarles said:

@get2sammyb omfg this is truly the greatest news!! Ps. I've been wondering what it looked like ever since we were able to use the version with a burlap sack over it. Rofl 26mpg? That's what my 97 Cavalier gets : P



Shiryu said:

Another car for my dad's garage. Can you believe he hasn't stopped playing GT5 since I gave him a Ps3 for his birthday back in November 2012?



get2sammyb said:

@Shiryu I can believe it, actually. I have some people on my friends list that have been playing the game religiously since its release.



Kayoss said:

I still play gt5 religiously. I put in a good 10-14 hours weekly. I'm only 50% complete and I played since day 1.

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