Defunct developer Studio Liverpool may be best known for its work on the WipEout series, but the legendary outfit had aspirations beyond just racing games. According to the webpage of former artist Mathew Cooling, the team was working on a steampunk PlayStation 2 adventure named Fall of the Artificer back in 2000 and 2001. Sadly, very little is known about the project, other than that it featured monkeys with half exposed brains. Gross.

The title was eventually cancelled, but the company had better luck with Dropship: United Peace Force. The resume of another ex-employee reveals that Studio Liverpool helped out with the flight simulator ahead of its 2002 release. It makes you wonder what other secrets are concealed within the disbanded developer’s now dusty drawers, doesn't it?

Update: It turns out that Fall of the Artificer was actually in development at Psygnosis Camden, not Studio Liverpool. We'll hopefully have more about the cancelled project in the coming days.