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Flying Hamster HD Soars onto European Vitas Next Week

Posted by Sammy Barker

Cute and cuddly

Flying Hamster HD will glide onto the PlayStation Vita on 19th December in Europe. The former PlayStation Mini has been completely overhauled for Sony’s slick new handheld, and will boast online leaderboards, four control schemes, and 15 Trophies as a result.

If you haven’t played the original version of The Game Atelier’s sickeningly sweet side-scrolling shooter, then where have you been? The game sees you guiding an anthropomorphic rodent through a slew of rainbow coloured stages, taking advantage of all manner of whimsical projectiles in order to win back your female friend.

Confused? Feast your eager peepers on the trailer embedded below. There's no word on a North American release date just yet, but we'll keep you posted.


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hamispink said:

I enjoyed the original, It was given out for free via message from psn on valentines day!



moomoo said:

Have the original on PSP. It's a fun little game, although it's definitely style over substance. Still, it's a fun game to show to friends and see how they react, and it's worth the small asking price.

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