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Resistance Collection Invades Retailers on 5th December

Posted by Sammy Barker

All Hale

Insomniac Games’ stellar first-person series will get another shot in the spotlight this winter, when Sony fires the Resistance Collection onto North American store shelves on 5th December. The compelling compilation will collate all three titles from the alternate history franchise, alongside five different DLC packs.

The bundle will set you back just $39.99, which is a bona fide bargain as far as we’re concerned. Let us know if you’re planning on stomping on some Chimera skulls in the comments section below.


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Samholy said:

just get the third one,and its already super cheap since the yadded it to controller packs. you can get them for like...10$ each easily.

anyway. i only liked the third one. a lot. a true masterpiece.




Loved FoM, it still has that launch game nostalgia for me.

Wasn't so keen on 2, but Resistance 3 is up there with the best, and most fun games I've ever played.



irken004 said:

At the rate that these bundles drop in price after launch, I might wait out awhile before grabbing this. (if I want to... the demo for the 3rd game was surprisingly tough!)

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