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Hellfire: There's Still Plenty of Potential for PlayStation Home

Posted by Sammy Barker

No place quite like Home

PlayStation Home has grown exponentially over the past six months with the release of innovative free-to-play experiences like Mercia: Fractured Realms and Bootleggers ’29 – but Home Tycoon developer Hellfire Games believes there’s still plenty of potential for the social platform to expand.

“You only need to glance at the release schedule over the past few months to see how far PlayStation Home has expanded, and how much potential still exists,” community manager Ben Lewis told us as part of an exclusive chat. “We’ve seen a lot of comments from hardcore gamers telling us that Home Tycoon will be the game that brings them back to PlayStation Home, and that means a lot to us. If you haven’t logged into Home in a while, you’ll be surprised at the crazy amount of content coming to the platform each week.”

Home Tycoon adds a blend of Sim City-esque business simulation and Grand Theft Auto sandbox action to the virtual world – and it’s totally free-to-play. You can read our full exclusive feature about the game’s development tomorrow on Push Square.

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3Above said:

Im glad Home is geeting all this content now. As a someone who remembers Home back inthe closed beta days when we still had open mics anywhere and we could transport to the Euro Hong Kong and Japan servers Home has certainly come a long way. Havent been in Home for some months now but memories of me and my friends logging in daily to try to solve the next puzzle in Xi stick with will never fade.



get2sammyb said:

@3Above I think, as the Hellfire Games note, you'll be impressed if you do decide to dive back in. It really has improved immensely over the past six months. Some of the games are really good these days.



3Above said:

@get2sammyb I think i will. I saw some of the changes when i logged back in during E3 ( i always do that to take pics of the E3 booth and get the exclusive E3 items. It looked quite improved then so ill be checking back in soon.



cattyrock said:

Home tycoon the game to bring people back to home, don`t count on it, logged on 2 days ago lost all my coins 500 plus my revenue, no reply from hellfire, there is a bug so they say, but nothing to mention about not buying coins.

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