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Joe Danger 2: The Movie Is Riding onto the PSN After All

Posted by Sammy Barker

Bigger and better

Would you like to hear the good news, or the even better news? Let’s start with the good: Hello Games has confirmed that Joe Danger 2: The Movie is coming to the PlayStation Network within the “next couple of weeks”. As for the even better news – it’s going to boast at least 10 hours of additional content.

The build up to the PSN release of Joe Danger 2: The Movie has been a torrid one. The stuntman sequel launched exclusively on the Xbox 360 earlier this year, leaving PS3 owners who supported the first title feeling left out.

“I've hated not being able to talk about PSN,” Hello Games founder Sean Murray told us. “[PlayStation fans] really made Hello Games, and we’re hopefully going to be able to set things straight with them now.”

The additional content included alongside the PS3 version of Joe Danger 2: The Movie will focus on the “simplicity of the bike” action from the original game. “I think it’s shaping up to be something really special,” Murray teased.

There’s no release date attached to the sequel just yet, but Murray insists it’s coming really, really soon. “We’re working on it like crazy at the moment,” he said. “Sony are being awesome and pulling out all the stops too.”

All is forgiven.

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rjejr said:

Are you the first person commenting on your own blog post? Does universal health care not cover schizophrenia medication?

Was just wondering about this the other day, seems like the original came out ages ago. Maybe PS+ will get the first one next month?



FuzzyYellowBalls said:

Still debating on whether to get this or not; The original is one of my favorite games on the PSN, but after the XBOX360 got a better version of the original then the sequel first... well, it's left me thinking perhaps I shouldn't support Hello Games for being such Greedy @$$holes! Unless there is a complete, 100% actual proper reason for it...
Please, Hello Games, tell me this reason. I, and many like me, feel extremely burned by your company. Why should we support you after this business decision nonsense?
Oh, we're getting additional content for this one? whoo-hoo! Where's our additional content from the 1st game after supporting you when you were only on PSN?

And all of this is coming from someone who has 100% completion and videos of flawless runs on Insert Disk 2 with every character, DLC included.

Jaded? Bitter? Yeah.
I thought independent companies weren't supposed to be as bad as the big ones...



Slapshot said:

@FuzzyYellowBalls They are to an extent, but when you have a small team of only five guys, you kinda have to do what you've got to sometimes. They obviously got a better funding option through Microsoft, which just released a few weeks back and now that their embargo date is up, they're doing what they intended and making right with those who made them what they are. Regardless if you're indie or not, you need to make money and sometimes you have to do things the hard way. That's business, not some ill-conceived idea of loyalty.

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