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Wonderbook Commits Brand New Franchises to Paper

Posted by Sammy Barker

Brought to life

There was a palpable irritation filling our Twitter feed when Sony started to discuss Wonderbook during its GamesCom 2012 press conference earlier today. But, by the time the company was done, we noticed a distinct change in tune – Wonderbook is cool, and it has the potential to sell gangbusters. Heck, even we’re sold.

The platform holder started by reiterating its commitment to upcoming Harry Potter spin-off Wonderbook: Book of Spells. The accompanying trailer failed to really reveal anything new, but it served as a reminder of the product's overarching concept: to bring stories to life courtesy of augmented reality and PlayStation Move.

J.K. Rowling’s latest endeavour wasn’t the only title Sony had to discuss, however. It went on to tease Wonderbook: Diggs Nightcrawler, a brand new noire detective story in development at arty outfit Moonbot Studios.

It also confirmed that BBC and Supermassive Games are working on a Walking with Dinosaurs title, which will allow players to interact with various extinct animals in an innovative and educational way.

Finally, Sony revealed that Disney has signed up to produce a whole slew of exclusive Wonderbook titles, cementing the peripheral’s status as a pretty big deal. Seriously, with the right marketing, this is going to be absolutely huge.

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shinobi88 said:

If I was a kid, I'd think Wonderbook was pretty dam cool. Honestly, I'm a big kid and I think it's pretty dam cool. What's the ONE major thing that could kill any game like this? The AR doesn't work right. And lo and behold, during the E3 demonstration, the AR didn't work properly. Hopefully they get the kinks worked out.

Is this game GUARANTEED to be huge? That's a BIG negative. PS3 is a system that skews more toward hardcore gamers, so the install base for kids and girls, the main Wonderbook audience, can't be prolific. And the PS4 is due out next year which might scare some people off. There's no doubt it could be a big hit, in relation to Sony's other products I mean, but you just can't predict the market. If everyone knew that teaming a moderately popular license, Spyro, with a game that ties together toys and games, then they all would have had the highest selling game on their hand. Instead, Activision is the only company just SWIMMING in money



get2sammyb said:

@shinobi88 The price is getting lower though, and it'll be below $200 by the time Christmas comes around. Like I say, the potential's there.

I'm also a big kid, and I really want this too.



Savino said:

I have 2 kids! So... I will by wonderbook for me.... I mean.... For them!



shinobi88 said:

Why do you care if it drives sales for PS3? PS3 is a lame duck console, PS4 is out next year. The only thing that needs sales to save Sony and itself, is the Vita. And they had a heckuva show today. I'm giddy about it actually. Still not sure it will improve sales, history has proven that console price is the #1 selling factor and Sony is too stubborn to drop it



Splat said:

The PS3 is not a lame duck console. Just because the Vita is failing doesn't mean you have to knock the PS3.



Magi said:

Wonderbook: Walking with Dinosaurs?

How about Wonderbook: The Walking Dead! Remake the comics into something like this.

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