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Laughing Jackal Has Sold a Lot of PlayStation Minis

Posted by Sammy Barker

Hungry Giraffe is almost full

Laughing Jackal, the UK developer responsible for some of the most enjoyable titles on the PlayStation Minis platform, has sold close to one million titles worldwide. The studio – behind favourites such as OMG-Z and Hungry Giraffe – announced the news in a candid blog post, which included plenty of praise for the label itself.

The team explained that Minis have given it “the opportunity to learn about the complexities of publishing on console” while also enhancing its relationship with Sony. It added that its integration into various PlayStation Plus promotions has given its games greater exposure across the globe, which has enhanced the sales of its other properties.

While Laughing Jackal is now moving away from Minis – to start work on a full-priced PSN title codenamed “Mystery Game X” – the studio does not regret its time with the minigame platform. “They are certainly not something we regret getting involved in and have given us a great start as a developer,” the team concluded.

Isn’t it nice when things work out?


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Magi said:

So OMG-Z doesn't look too thrilling to me. Anyone know of any other decent Zombie-related Mini's I can play on my Vita?



Squiggle55 said:

I really liked playing Age of Zombies on the Vita. Mapping the shooting to the other analogue stick works really well.



rjejr said:

WOW, Hungry Giraffe got a 10 out of 10? That's pretty much the worst game of all time, and I play a lot of 99c iOS games and some real crap on Wiiware and a bunch of "casual" PC games. I personally think tt's b/c of games like Hungry Giraffe that other minis which are actually really good games like Velocity don't go over well. Maybe PSN could come up with another subsection - call it "Micros" - for the truly awful 1 button crap.

Sammy, you can't spend years raging against Angry Birds and say you actually like Hungry Giraffe. Angry Birds is like Monopoly, Risk and chess all rolled into one compared to that.

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