While Sony’s unexpected $380 million acquisition of Gaikai was initiated by Sony Computer Entertainment this week, there’s still a sense that the deal was passed for reasons outside of PlayStation. After all, the very idea of cloud gaming is that state-of-the-art experiences can be enjoyed on significantly weaker connected devices. Streaming games to Bravia televisions is no longer a pipe-dream, for example.

Chatting with the Wall Street Journal, Sony’s Andrew House admitted that extending Gaikai’s technology to other devices is “absolutely within the frame”. He continued: "It's recognition on Sony's part that the cloud and cloud streaming technologies are going to have profound and possibly a very positive impact on not only our game business, but also in the way our consumers interact with and obtain content in general."

However, Sony’s still keeping quiet about what the specifics of Gaikai's acquisition actually mean. Regardless, we reckon it paints a pretty positive picture of the future.

[via online.wsj.com]