Namco Bandai’s ongoing teases have concluded with the announcement of Tales of Xillia 2. The PS3 sequel is set a year after the original title, and is due out at some point this winter in Japan.

The game follows the escapades of Ludgar, an adventurer joined on his travels by a cat called Lulu and a mysterious girl named Elle. Throughout the game you’ll need to make bold decisions, such as whether to run away from enemies or, er, include tomatoes in a recipe. The choices you make in these encounters will have an impact upon the game.

During battle, Ludgar has the ability to weapon shift. The mechanic – which is handily dubbed “Cross Double Raid Linear Battle Motion System” – allows you to switch between different weapons, including a hammer, pistols and swords.

Additional details are scarce right now, but a more specific release date is set to be announced on 27th June. Meanwhile, a Western release of the original Tales of Xillia is still unconfirmed.