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New Sorcery Story Trailer Apparates Online

Posted by Sammy Barker


Sorcery, the most anticipated title in the PlayStation Move’s relatively brief history, is just over a month away from release — and in order to celebrate, Sony’s cast a brand new story trailer for the magic 'em up online.

The cinematic short – narrated by the definitely-not-elderly wizard Dash – introduces us to apprentice Finn and his outspoken cat Erline. Unable to follow instructions, the mischievous duo embark on an adventure in unknown lands – and unleash the fury of the evil Nightmare Queen along the way.

It’s far from original, but this trailer is light-hearted enough to restore our interest in the motion controlled game. Is Sorcery still on your wand operated radar, reader?


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rjejr said:

I have such high hopes for this game I have no choice but to be disappointed. I just hope I'm only disappointed a little and not a lot.
First off it will finally be oh so nice to play a Move (as in Move not lightgun) game that lets you actually Move the character. Heroes on the Move was a big let down w/ no exploration and no jump button and Dedmund's Quest is on rails. I rarely get to use the Navigator.
Second, the video looks pretty good. Not PS3 great but I would have been really happy if Skyword Sword looked like this. And if this video isn't going for a "look, we're Zelda w/ HD graphics and good motion controls" than I don't know why they made it. I mean, just look at the way Flynn's dressed, does that say "wizard" to anybody?
Anyway, if I can get 10 hours of good fantasy adventure game w/ functional Move controls and a Daxter wannabe cat set inside a decent looking world I'll be happy.

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