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More Virtua Fighter Combatants Destined for Dead or Alive 5

Posted by Sammy Barker

Crossover chaos

Why wait for the character roster to be announced for your favourite fighting game, when you can hack the demo and discover it for yourself? That’s exactly the mindset one NeoGAF poster adopted, having hacked the source code of a recent Dead or Alive 5 demo in order to make a series of interesting discoveries.

It turns out, as previously hinted by Team Ninja’s Yosuke Hayashi, Akira won’t be the only brawler to make the jump from Virtua Fighter into Tecmo Koei’s cinematic brawler. Hackers found references to both Sarah Bryant and Pai Chan within the demo’s source code.

We won’t reveal the game’s full character list here for fear of spoilers, but, if you’re absolutely bursting to know, the full roster’s posted on NeoGAF.


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Supereor said:

Whaf you're telling us is that you guys explore NeoGAF for hacks and source codes behind our backs? But I've been here since before Vita! T-T
Dead or Alive 5? I need more independent games, people!



Noire said:

Pai Chan's too pretty for Dead or Alive

We'll see how pretty she is ... after Hitomi punches her in the face repeatedly!

It's possible that won't happen, considering my terrible Dead or Alive skills and the fact that I don't know who Pie Can is.



James said:

@LittleBigVita I don't understand what that means. Of course we navigate the internet to find news and information; NeoGAF is just one source of that.

If Sarah is in DoA5 then this is totally a must buy for me. My Sarah is unstoppable.

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