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Everybody's Tennis Pulled from PS Store Due to Piracy Exploit

Posted by Sammy Barker

Oh no

Backwards compatibility is a big problem. If a system doesn’t have it, then people complain. And if a system does have it, then hackers instantly get to work looking for vulnerabilities in legacy software.

That’s exactly what has happened to the brilliant Everybody’s Tennis, with Sony pulling the colourful PSP sports title off the PlayStation Store for fears of an exploit opening up the PS Vita to piracy. A similar thing happened to the equally good MotorStorm: Arctic Edge last month.

Homebrew programmer Wololo sarcastically notified Sony of the threat, pointing out that “using this vulnerability could allow people to run software that would be extremely dangerous for your business, such as 20 year-old 8 bit games and 154 different versions of pong”. Endearing, huh?

Of course, what this means for people who legitimately want to play Everybody’s Golf on their PS Vita remains to be seen. We suppose it’s possible Sony could patch up the threat, but MotorStorm: Arctic Edge still hasn’t returned. It's not looking good.


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Supereor said:

See, kids, don't be a hacker or you'll be hunted down in everything you do by a huge, multicountry semiconductor company!
See, adults, don't say you want to be a hacker, or mommy will give you a wood slab whooping, followed by a 10-year school holdback!
Ok, now that I actually read his sick little lie to Sony, enough with the silly jokes. I can't believe he insulted Sony, STRAIGHT to their faces! To top off the lies and insults, he snitched out all his friends and partners as well, which is a good thing on our and Sony's end, but surely, this is going to end with some kind of destructive comeback!



theblackdragon said:

@SanderEvers: good for them, then. they owe it not only to their developers but also their paying customers to do what they can to try and protect their systems from being hacked by pirates.

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