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Sony Bringing Bigger Vita Memory Cards to the UK

Posted by Sammy Barker

Guessed wrong

Sony is working hard to bring bigger PS Vita memory cards into the UK. The biggest stick available alongside yesterday’s launch was the 16GB, but SCE UK gaffer Fergal Gara has said that the company completely misjudged demand.

He told Eurogamer:

We probably haven’t got big enough memory cards introduced for the UK market. We’ve already gone to secure bigger size cards.

It’s early days. Before it comes to market you just have to guess what people are going to want. We thought they’d want a lot of 4GB cards just as the minimum, and then they buy packaged media.

But actually, the way it’s going is, many of the early adopters are clearly going to download a bit more, or just want to buy the big chip in case. It’s going to evolve. But we can certainly see they want bigger cards.

Expect to see 32GB cards hit UK store shelves within the coming months.


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Paranoimia said:

I've already got one coming from PlanetAxel for a little over £60, but it's good to know they're coming should I need another.

Can't believe they 'misjudged' demand. Given that they are essential for several games just for save purposes (let alone digital downloads), and that title list for launch was more or less the same for Europe and the US, I just don't see how they could think that there'd be any less demand here than anywhere else.

There were also enough articles on websites about it as soon as it was known (which was well before release), and there was lots of talk about it from UK/Euro citizens on the various social sites as well.

I think Vita has had a very successful launch in the West, and for the most part, Sony have done themselves proud. The decision on the 32GB cards was about the biggest mistake they made, but let's face it, it wasn't huge or fatal, and they seem to be moving quickly to correct it.



stylon said:

Never mind 32GB cards, they should be looking at 64GB or better still 128GB cards. 16/32GB is fine for smartphone games which are, at most, a few hundred MB. Most Vita games are a few GB. If they want to to embrace digital downloads then they need to give us the space to store them!



RazTehWaz said:

I tried to grab a 16GB at launch, but they were sold out everywhere in my city, so ended up grabbing an 8GB instead, and getting a 16GB yesterday after the first one was full. Holding out till they hit 128GB before upgrading again or I'll just waste way too much cash.

At the moment I'm keeping PSP games on the smaller stick, and Vita games on the bigger one, but I can see this one getting full pretty quickly too.

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