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Fri 10th Feb 2012

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stylon commented on Review: Persona 4 Golden (PlayStation Vita):

Length scares me too. Full time job, family, house etc. doesn't leave much time for gaming. If I was still at school or Uni then I'd have lapped this up... Guess the subject matter (college kids) probably reflects its target audience? Still want to give it a go though... demo would be nice



stylon commented on 007 Legends' Skyfall Mission Completes the Gam...:

Skyfall mission was very disappointing, bike chase was quite enjoyable but wasn't expecting the game to end when Patrice falls to his death... What about the rest of the film? No appearance from Bad Guy Silva, no DB5, no Shootout at the Skyfall mansion etc? Missed opportunity... bit like the whole game I suppose. Still quite enjoyed the whole thing though - but it could have been so much better with a bit more effort.



stylon commented on Sony Shuts Down WipEout Developer Studio Liver...:

A very sad day indeed. Been buying Psygnosis games since my Commodore 64 days. Lemmings is still one of my all time favourites whilst Wipeout on the Vita is one of the best games available on the platform IMHO... what are they thinking???

Made more depressing by the fact that I'm a scouser and I've always been very proud of the fact that it's a world renowned games company based in my home town.

RIP Psygnosis



stylon commented on Ghost Recon: Future Soldier DLC Swoops PSN Nex...:

Found this pretty disappointing to be honest. Dumbed down into a slightly futuristic COD clone. I finished it in a few days and sold it on eBay straight away. Unless they go back to the gameplay of GRAW 1 & 2 that's the franchise finished for me. I just pray that they've not done the same thing to the upcoming Rainbow Six Patriots game or I won't be purchasing that either.

As for this DLC, making some new bigger levels and ramping the difficulty up isn't going to fix anything for me - I want full control of my squad back!



stylon commented on Sony Bringing Bigger Vita Memory Cards to the UK:

Never mind 32GB cards, they should be looking at 64GB or better still 128GB cards. 16/32GB is fine for smartphone games which are, at most, a few hundred MB. Most Vita games are a few GB. If they want to to embrace digital downloads then they need to give us the space to store them!



stylon commented on Out Today: PlayStation Vita (North America and...:

Going to pick my pre-order up from Game at lunch-time. Very excited. Decided to get the 3G after all - the copy of Wipeout for a £5 top-up was the deciding factor. Was going to buy this anyway but this deal brought the price of the two versions close enough to warrant pushing the boat out a bit further Can't wait!



stylon commented on Guide: How to Download PSP Games to PS Vita:

@get2sammyb So even though they're not on the list I'll still be able to download them from the store or use Media Go to transfer them? Looks like I'll be keeping my PSP for a while longer then until I know I can play everything. Shame.



stylon commented on Guide: How to Download PSP Games to PS Vita:

How can we find out when/if games not on the list will become available? I really wanted to sell my my PSP Go to help pay for my Vita but there are several titles not on the list that I still want to play (Driver 76, Colin McRae, Pursuit Force etc). Also what about the PS1 Classics like Resident Evil and Fear Effect that I purchased too?