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Celebrate Valentine's Day the Right Way with Gal Gun

Posted by Sammy Barker

Forever alone

If you’ve not got much planned this Valentine’s Day, then perhaps you might be tempted to check out Inti Creates’ bonkers PlayStation Move powered pheromone shooter, Gal Gun. The developer’s cheekily scheduled a demo for the perve-em-up to coincide with the most romantic day of the year, and assuming you’ve got a Japanese PlayStation Network account you’ll be able to join in on the steamy action for free.

Just in case you’re not quite sure what you’re getting yourself into – and in order to save you from embarrassment should you innocently download the free trial – we’ve included a trailer of the game below. Know that this is a game in which you use your PS Move wand to peak up girls’ skirts.

We’re not judging, just thought you should know.


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Yankeejer said:

Wow! The Japanese sure love their butts and breasts. They say the more a culture obsesses over something the more that culture is deprived of thing they are fantasizing about.



theblackdragon said:

in b4 Waltzy shows up to explain that this is totally natural in Japanese culture and only looks perverted to Western eyes



cyphid said:

Yeah it is natural to the Japanese. Theres also a 3DS game releasing there called, If I Were Sealed in a Room with a Girl; I not kidding either. Check out some of the screenshots at If you go to the link on your 3DS, you can view them in stereophonic 3D!



Noire said:

I have never had more of a reason to buy a Move then I do now.

... Ahem, I mean, this is truly perverted and no upstanding member of society should be caught with this in their possession.

Good thing I'm not an upstanding member of society.



DarkKirby said:

1st, American media obsesses over violence and it is overall seen as "acceptable" and "sex, especially of people under 18" as forbidden and heavily scrutinized. By your logic that means there is little to no violence in America and sex is everywhere, especially with people under 18, and accepted. When it's quite the opposite.

2nd, this game was developed for and played for "the lols". While Japanese culture is overly more accepting of sex in media then America the fact that this game is allowed to be developed and sold does not prove that Japan is obsessed over such a thing, more to how they are open minded enough to allow this game to be developed and sold and not have a nation wide media blow out about how this game is attempting to train people to do naughty things to school girls, which WOULD happen in the US. Microsoft, being an American company, actually demanded the 360 version censored, even as the game is only released in Japan.



DarkKirby said:

Apparently I was censored, "forced intercourse" was changed to "to do naughty things to". Interesting censorship technique.



cyphid said:

Haha I love the censorship! Priceless indeed! XD

Looks like @DarkKirby was trying explain a lot in what should be shorter. So yes, there is some of those kind of games on almost every system, I do understand its not like everyone supports them. In the US we have different views on sexuality for sure. But I think its better Japan has these type of games instead full on hentai!



Yankeejer said:

Good times. Don't read too much into what I said. I see the draw of these games. I was only making a 'cheeky' remark in reference to the study of societies and their philosophies. No judgment intended I promise.



Objection said:

I'm really never surprised when I see stuff like this come out of Japan. It;d be funny if one or two somehow got released outside, like this or Majo Shinpan whatever on DS but of course that's not going to happen. And I'm too lazy to import or create a Japanese account for something like this "for the lols."

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