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These Chinese Move Controllers Don't Look Bad, Actually

Posted by James Newton

Bit costly though

Third-party Move controllers are still thin on the ground, but Chinese company FirstSing has put together its own Move and Navigation and they don't look too bad actually.

The bundle sells for just $44.80, a huge saving on the price of real accessories, but unfortunately with worldwide shipping at a steep $60 it's not such a sound investment. They look quite cool though, and looking's free.

Here's the official description. Count how many of these don't actually refer to the controllers themselves.

FirstSing FS18156 First Third-party Move Motion Navigation Controller Features:

  • Both controllers are ergonomically designed and feature reinvented gray/black handles.
  • Differentiating them from the first-party controller and assuring comfortable grip.
  • The most immersive gaming experiences ever
  • Accurately tracks your every movement
  • Unprecedented precision for advanced gameplay
  • Competitive games for endless challenges
  • Diverse lineup of genres and gameplay
  • Active, social and fun for everyone
  • Accessible and easy to control
  • The most immersive gaming experiences ever
  • Diverse library of genres and gameplay
  • Only possible on PlayStation 3

Thanks to Tatsumaru for the tip!


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elrom10 said:

Actually it looks bad...
I think that on this things it's better to buy the official Products like the DualShock 3 and the Sharp Shooter, you can't compromise on quality!



Witchboard said:

Agreed. Those look ugly IMO. I wonder what the turbo button does on the nav controller?



Tatsumaru said:

Haha, I actually think it doesn't look so bad, but it has that classic chinese pirate stuff look to it, only by looking the photo it's possible to note it's cheap plastic, but it's fine, at least they tried!



Waggler said:

The gem not being spherical makes me doubt this would even work properly



autogolazzo said:

From the press release: "The turbo button is for Galaga, Astrosmash and Space Invaders for automatic fire — no longer will you have to continually press the fire button"



DanteWilhelm said:

This is illegal right?

As you all probably know the move was called the Arc, so the little dash logo which is meant to be an A for Arc is trademarked.

They can't put that logo on there without permission so I guess in actuality, if they did get permission these aren't as 'dodgy' as one might assume.

But they still have that fake look.

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