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Tue 15th Feb 2011

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autogolazzo commented on Review: Wonderbook: Book of Spells (PlayStatio...:


Does the Playstation Eye's horrible resolution bring this game down a bit. I mean, as a piece of hardware it does a good time of tracking the move controller but I cringe anytime I see it actually produce video on the screen.



autogolazzo commented on Sony Preparing for Biggest Annual Loss in a De...:

@DrCruse Tell that to the most profitable and (arguably) successful company in the world: Apple.

Everything they do is proprietary. How do you hook an iPod up to a computer? With a proprietary ipod to usb jack. How do you transfer ANYTHING on your computer to an ipod? Through a proprietary app called itunes. You want to make an app for their app store? Great, first get a dev license and then submit your app. Will they accept it? Who knows? You want to create your app in Adobe Flash? Great, go for it! No, wait, you can't -we'll block it. No wait, you can. We're losing money to android and need as many apps as we can get.

With PS3, I like that I can charge my controllers on a PS3 via usb. Can you do that with other systems (I don't know)? I can charge them on my computer. Not very proprietary.



autogolazzo commented on New Sorcery Footage Waves its Wand:

My only question is that wasn't this originally considered a "budget game" ($40.00 range) to showcase the Move? Do you think that is still the case?

I suppose so. Move only games don't seem to get the dev backing that games that allow DS3 + Move games seem to get.

The good news is that, because it is a Move only title, it should get adequate testing with the controls, unlike game companies that design for DS3, Move, Kinect, Wii, Xbox controller, etc.



autogolazzo commented on Review: SSX (PlayStation 3):

Great review. Turning IS oversensitive. You can't change that in the settings. I am a huge fan of the SSX series, particularly SSX3. This game just isn't as... I can't put my finger on it...



autogolazzo commented on Review: Journey (PlayStation Network):

If I completely hated Flower, is there any chance that I might like this game?

The screen shots provided are among some of the least interesting ones I have seen for any game on any platform (way back to the Atari 2600) and certainly don't represent the "visual variety" that you discuss.



autogolazzo commented on First Impressions: Grand Slam Tennis 2:

Ok. Played Grand Slam 2 with Move once more. Turns out the controls are even worse than I and @jfmoles thought.

He was correct about the importance of using the back swing, however that is ALL you need to do to hit the ball: Pull the Move back, and the computer swings the racket for you. You don't even have to swing at all.

Yikes! That's really bad.



autogolazzo commented on First Impressions: Grand Slam Tennis 2:

I finally played it with Move and Nav. It's definitely fun, looks fantastic and there is a learning curve.

The problem with the Move is that not only is it not 1:1, it merely treats your swing as a button push. No matter how hard, how soft, how your wrist is and how the racket would make contact with the ball does not matter. It is simply registering that you are swinging. And it doesn't even register whether it is a forehand or a backhand. Timing is the only thing that is being measured and that is what affects power and placement. It really makes you appreciate Sports Champions table tennis.

To change the type of swing you have to hit various buttons on the move controller, which is not always an easy task, as they are strangely placed.

The worst part about it though, has got to be the part where it doesn't recognize a forward swing vs. a backhand. It just doesn't make sense and kind of takes the fun out of the game. I really really really hope they fix this part of the game. I highly doubt it though.



autogolazzo commented on First Impressions: Grand Slam Tennis 2:

Ok. @jfmoles comments are slightly reassuring but still contain the ever common (for move related titles) "once they PATCH these minor issues..."

Whenever I hear about patches for Move issues, they never seem to get released or, when they do, never seem to fully address the issue at hand.

But you given me hope. False hope, probably. But hope nonetheless.



autogolazzo commented on First Impressions: Grand Slam Tennis 2:

Dagger! This is the one that I was hoping for. Actually, any of the 3 tennis games released in the last year I had high hopes for because that is the sort of thing I thought a Move controller would be best suited to.

So, a year and a half into things, we have no good tennis game, no good boxing games, no good bowling games, some sub-mediocre golf games, awful bowling games—these are the sort of games I thought they would be able to handle with the Move.

What we're left with is 2 good good shooters, a TON of ported casual Wii games, and one very good sports game that felt like a demo at first, but is since held as the pinnacle of the Move franchise.

What is it that George Bush (the younger) once said? "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice... (long, long, long pause) ...You don't get fooled again!"

And yet I still come to this website everyday with the hopes that my hardware purchases will someday be warranted.



autogolazzo commented on Feature: Five Move Games to Watch in 2012:

1. I'm dying for a good PS Move tennis game - will be watching very closely for EA Grand Slam.

2. I also would like to see another round of Tiger Woods to see if they can improve upon the Move controls any.

3. A decent boxing game



autogolazzo commented on The PlayStation Move Interactive Advert in Full:

That is unwatchable. Thank God Sony's tv adverts are more engaging.

I agree the focus should be on games but I also think that clever marketing or lack thereof plays a big role in the future success or failure of the move.



autogolazzo commented on Review: Dungeon Defenders (PlayStation Network):

For each review on this site, I first scroll down to the rating: "9 stars out of ten - that's good."

Then I scroll up 2 paragraphs to read the inevitable : "If there’s one negative thing to be mentioned about this game, however, it is the implementation of camera controls with PlayStation Move."

It gets a bit depressing. Not that it is the fault of the person writing the review, just that Move implementation in most games seems to be shoddy or a complete afterthought.

Not sure if this will ever get any better.



autogolazzo commented on Review: Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2012 (PlaySta...:

What is the difference between this and Dangerous Hunts?

Also, Big Game Hunter 2012 got a review of 6/10 vs. 7/10 for Dangerous Hunts 2011. Would you say that DH 2011 is the better purchase (it's also a good bit cheaper)?