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Third-Party Move Controllers On the Way in April

Posted by James Newton

From Snakebyte

Back in November we brought you shots of the first third party Move controllers from Snakebyte, with the expected release date set for January 2011. As you probably already surmised from their invisibility on shop shelves across the world, this date passed without event, but the controllers are now expected to launch worldwide in April.

The unofficial versions of Move and Navigation controllers are officially called MOV-CON and NAV-CON, and will include the same features as the Sony-produced controllers, with the added bonus of being available in a range of colours. Sunflex USA, the company that distributes Snakebyte products across North America, spoke up through president Howard Borenstein:

It’s been a long, hard road to bring the snakebyte Move line to market. The redesigned handle grip and various color options for the MOV-CON and NAV-CON will both differentiate our product and provide the consumer with the opportunity to have more control, personalization and enjoyment in game play.

We'll be getting our hands on these controllers as soon as they're available and will let you know how they compare to the real thing.

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Wastedyuthe said:

I fail to see the point of different colours. When you're playing the game, you're (hopefully) looking at your tv screen, not what's in your hands. What should be more important would be if they are any more comfortable to hold/use, which doesn't look the case from the pics



James said:

I think it's more a bonus if you have multiple players who each want their own unique controller. I'm particularly fussy about my Wii Remotes for example β€” I have to use the black one, and my guests may only use the white ones. I'd like a blue Move very much.



lipnox said:

these controllers look like complete trash, and im not even trying to be mean they seriously look like a cheap kids game karaoke microphone controller. Also sony deactivates 3rd party controllers randomly so they no longer work with ps3 so these controllers are an even larger gamble. I wouldn't pay more then $15 for the pair, and thats assuming it has a rechargeable battery and not double AA's



James said:

@Lipnox I believe they're rechargeable, yeah. And the third-party deactivation was a by-product of Sony protecting itself against counterfeit DualShock and Sixaxis controllers, so these should be fine, I'd think!



C3dr4c said:

I don't see the point of the coulors, But whatever float your boat. The change in grip might be interesting tho, can't wait to read a review



SwerdMurd said:

20 bucks says the buttons are turbo-sticky and difficult to press. I've literally never used a third-party controller without that problem.



GoldenCannon said:

Wouldnt this be a breach of patent that Sony has on the Move? This is essentially a replica of the technology, I fail to see how anyone would purchase this over the official product unless it retails for $10.



James said:

@lipnox You'd have to ask them, not me!

@GoldenCannon Good question. I would assume it would be just different enough so as not to infringe on patents, but remember a lot of this technology β€” accelerometers, gyroscopes etc. β€” is pretty commonplace nowadays, so should be easy to replicate without cramping anyone's style.



lipnox said:

@James I did ask them, they dont offer any customer service what so ever for third party controllers and accessorys, if sony didnt make it then they will say too bad regardless. thats my only fear.



theblackdragon said:

@lipnox: have you attempted contacting the maker(s) of your wheel? if there's an issue with their product working on the system it was designed for, it's reasonable to expect them to offer support.



lipnox said:

@TBD good idea, I never thought of doing it that way.
update: the company that made my wheel went bankrupt a few years ago



James said:

Just remembered this from the first post:

"Both controllers feature a rubberized shell for better grip and an ergonomic design. In order to keep up with future firmware updates, both controllers have built-in USB ports so that they can be quickly and easily updated with the latest software."

Job done

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