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Plus Members Join Forces with Move Heroes Next Week

Posted by James Newton

Free demo on 1st March

Upcoming mascot 'em up PlayStation Move Heroes is Sony's big, non-Killzone 3 Move release in the next month, and players who subscriber to the company's premium PlayStation Plus service will get to try out the title weeks before its launch.

Subscribers in North America will receive early access to the PlayStation Move Heroes demo on 1st March, at least one week before non-subscribers and a full three weeks before the game hits shop shelves across North America.

There's currently no word on a European release date for the Move-exclusive title, which features six top PlayStation heroes battling it out in the Interuniversal Hero Games.


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TGov said:

I must be getting old as platformers don't excite me the way they used to.



HarveyN286 said:

Yeah, but only on the Move..regular controller would take away from the "move" heroes.

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