Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception is real, announced by Sony for a release in 2011, most likely around Christmas time. Playable in stereoscopic 3D, its duck-and-cover gunplay would be a perfect fit for PlayStation Move yet the announcement makes no mention of Move support.

It's Got Form

Forget the huge number of family-friendly games for Move: it's perfectly suited for shooters. One of Sony's other big threequels for next year, Killzone 3, is fully Move-compatible, and MAG and Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition both make great use of the controller's unique abilities.

The game's cover-based shooting mechanics would also help to alleviate the arm ache that affects other shooters, and could have plenty of other applications for controller Drake's actions.

Big Hitters Needed

After Killzone 3's release there aren't too many big name games on the way for Move that we know of: sure, Sorcery should be a blast but it's been very quiet since E3, and PlayStation Move Heroes will sell well, but Move needs to keep drawing in older gamers to maintain its momentum.

It Validates Move

Sony's always said a combination of Move and 3D creates the most immersive games possible, and who wouldn't want that level of involvement in Naughty Dog's next project? If huge blockbuster shooters like Uncharted 3 don't use Move, it may show a lack of faith in the new controller, and that's something Sony just doesn't need.

Still Time Yet

Of course, just because the first official announcement doesn't mention Move doesn't mean Naughty Dog won't implement it in one way or another, but with the boxart already revealed and lacking any Move logo or blue stripe it's not looking promising.

Would you want to play Nathan Drake's next adventure with Move, or are you happier with traditional DualShock controls?