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Can You Beat this Sports Champions Disc Golf Record?

Posted by James Newton

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Sony's fond of its by the numbers diagrams offering statistical fascination to anyone with a numerical interest, and now it's come up with a sheet dedicated to Move's most popular launch title, Sports Champions.

Full of interesting statistics – did you know over 155 million arrows have been fired, of which 1.1 million have split? – the real crowning glory is the incredible achievement of the longest recorded disc golf throw, at 525 metres. If anyone out there can lay claim to setting or beating this record – and we'll be checking – we'd love to hear from you.

Naturally these statistics are only based on users connected to PlayStation Network, but they're still an interesting snapshot of Move's biggest title, with the developer pledging to use these statistics to improve the inevitable follow-up.


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James said:

You have more than 178 kids in your classes and they've all got Platinum trophies in Sports Champions? Somebody call Sony's marketing department!




I love Sports Champions! I only really play GD and TT, sometimes a spot or archery, but it is without doubt the best Move has to offer. I'm enjoying Heavy Rain too and my daughter loves Eyepet, especially now she can play it propery (ie, not with that damned card!).

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