Numbers never lie indeed

"Numbers never lie" so goes the age-old axiom, so this chart from the official US PlayStation Blog is a big dollop of fact for you to take in.

As well as counting up the numbers of games already available for the system – 24 apparently, though our review archives currently hold 25 reviews, oddly – it also gives statistics for "purchase intent" amongst those who haven't yet picked up the controller for themselves.

According to the statistics, 60% of people intending to purchase PlayStation Move already own a Nintendo Wii, suggesting Move's image as a "HD Wii" is attracting potential users, particularly with Dead Space Extraction and more Wii revamps on the way.

The chart also reveals that the purchase intent has more than doubled since May of this year, not at all surprising considering very few people knew about Move six months ago.

The full chart is reproduced to the right so you can crunch the numbers yourself.