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Dead Space: Extraction Lies in Wait on Dead Space 2 Blu-Ray

Posted by James Newton

Special edition comes with extra game

The Wii's Dead Space: Extraction was an excellent but sadly overlooked sci-fi shooter that deserved a bigger audience and a better home. How pleasing, then, that it's on the way to PlayStation 3 owners via the special edition of Dead Space 2.

Playable with Move – although also compatible with Dualshock 3 – the game will be given a high definition lick of paint and Trophies, with the Wii original's drop-in, drop-out co-operative gameplay still intact too. Dead Space: Extraction is exclusive to the PS3 version of Dead Space 2, making a nice little bonus over Xbox 360 owners.

The limited edition Dead Space 2, with Dead Space: Extraction onboard, launches in January 2011.


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JamieO said:

What a superb bonus, it looks like the special edition of Dead Space 2 is the way to go. I hope that its availability is not too limited!

James is spot on when he says that Dead Space: Extraction was "overlooked" and "deserved a bigger audience". I remember reading a feature in gamesTM called 'Core Crisis' (Issue 99), discussing how the Wii has plenty of quality third party titles, but many of them have actually been neglected by core gamers and their sales do not reflect the quality of the gameplay.

I for one am pleased to get a second chance to play Dead Space: Extraction and it is understandable that I will now wait for the HD PS3 version. The Wii game was well received by critics, I hope that it gets more attention from gamers on PS3.



romulux said:

that is an awesome deal. it'll be interesting to see how well the wii build compares to the HD entries once it's rendered in HD itself.



James said:

@JamieO That was a great article with really insightful comments from some genius-level contributors.



JamieO said:

@James Newton Ha, ha, I had that in mind when I wrote the comment. There was a photo of a fella representing Nintendo Life who was discussing the Wii's Core Crisis in that article, and this bloke looked the spitting image of you!



JamieO said:

@James Newton You found it! You found the pic, that's the one! lol.

On a serious note, that article raised a valid point. After reading it, I looked at my Wii collection and realised that there are loads of core titles which I have neglected, like MadWorld, House of the Dead: Overkill and of course Dead Space: Extraction. This was partially because I have been buying so many titles for PS3, after all I invested in a HDTV just for gaming, but also because I was focussing on the Wii's first party, big hitting Nintendo games.

I have not even bought either of the No More Heroes games, so if one aspect of Move is that it brings quality Wii titles to PS3 (with spanky new HD graphics), then I have a second chance at getting these titles. This is especially as many third parties have made on-rails shooters for Wii, which would also be a perfect fit for a PS Move conversion.



WolfRamHeart said:

Despite the fact that this game was an on-rails shooter it really is a great game. I am really glad to see that more people will finally get the opportunity to experience this little gem. I might even pre-order the special edition of Dead Space 2 just so I can get the trophies on Extraction.



Objection said:

I plan to get DS2, and especially this version as I once had DS:E but sold it after beating it. HD and trophies sounds delicious. And I'd love to buy a NMH+NMH2+HD for PS3. (I have NMH for Wii and borrowed NMH2)

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