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Resistance: Burning Skies (PS Vita / PlayStation Vita)

Game Profile

You are the Resistance on PlayStation Vita.

Experience day one of the Chimera invasion of the United States of America through the eyes of everyday hero and New York City fireman, Tom Riley.

Take part in action packed multiplayer battles via PlayStation Network with up to seven of your friends.

Play Resistance in an entirely new way using a range of the PlayStation Vita system’s capabilities.

Product Description

Set in a brutal, alternate 1950s universe, the Chimera attack on America has just begun. New Jersey firefighter Tom Riley, responds to a routine 911 call and comes face-to-face with the brutal Chimera in the initial days of their invasion on the east Coast of the US. He is separated from his wife and daughter and takes up arms against the Chimera to find them.
Being a firefighter, Riley can never stand idly by when people are in peril and there are several moments in the game where the player will be faced with situations where they can perform selfless acts of bravery in order to rescue people from the Chimeran hoard.

New enemies: The relentless enemy of humanity returns with classic enemies such as the Grunt Hybrid, Advanced Hybrid, Scout Hybrid, Leaper, Leecher, Drone, Steelhead and Grim. Resistance: Burning Skies also features new Chimera classes in the form of the Impaler and Executioners.

Hybrid weaponry: 4 Returning Resistance Firearms, the Bullseye, Carbine, Auger and SixEye, each with PlayStation Vita secondary fire mechanics. As well as all-new weapon types, the Chimeran Chaingun (Mauler), new Shotgun (Mule), Hunter Burst rifle, Rocket Launcher (Swaarm) and Riley's Fireaxe. The title also features a new customise & levelling system for human and alien weaponry using greytech, changing gameplay style in both single and multiplayer modes.

Revolutionary control: Dual Analog support brings the console shooter experience to the handheld for the very first time with precision aiming and navigation. Utilise the front and rear touch screens to select weapons, melee attack, interact with environments and throw grenades and other projectiles with ultimate precision.

Wi-Fi multiplayer support

Game Review


USA USA Version

Posted by Christopher Ingram

Axed at the knee

Insomniac Games left a strong lasting mark when it stepped away from its Resistance series after the atmospheric and emotionally gripping Resistance 3. With Insomniac Games now hard at work exploring new avenues for us to enjoy, Nihilistic Software has...

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Azikira said:

I'm definitely excited for this game, it has even better graphics then Resistance 2, lol.

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