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Dead Island 2 (PS4 / PlayStation 4)

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News: Dead Island 2 Decayed into 2016

Dead Island 2 Decayed into 2016

Dead and buried

The success of spiritual successor Dying Light looks to have scared off publisher Deep Silver, as Dead Island 2 -- previously due out this spring -- has been delayed into 2016. Writing as part of an extended tweet on the game's official social media profile, the studio said that it hasn't achieved its goals yet. "Right now we are...

News: Did Dying Light Scare Dead Island 2 Away?

Did Dying Light Scare Dead Island 2 Away?

It's a zombie eat zombie world

This is a strange one, isn't it? Techland, the developer behind the original Dead Island, went on to create the rather enjoyable Dying Light after departing from publisher Deep Silver. Meanwhile, the former's getting a sequel in the form of Dead Island 2, but as Videogamer.com cleverly points out, we haven't seen or...

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