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PES 2014: Pro Evolution Soccer (PS3 / PlayStation 3)

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A New Beginning...

"From the moment football fans pick up the controller and experiment with the close control, player movement and get to know how teams work and move, we are confident that they will see a game no longer limited by technology, but capable of growing with them and constantly surprising with the breath-taking quality they have to come to expect from the real thing." - Creative Producer Kei Masuda

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Posted by Greg Giddens

Putting the Evolution back in PES

Improved physicality has been the goal of many sports titles of late, and while progress has been slow, PES 2014: Pro Evolution Soccer has managed just that this year. It's this attribute and the overall impact on the beautiful game that has produced one...

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News: PES 2014 Skips PS4, Focuses Its Attention on PS3

PES 2014 Skips PS4, Focuses Its Attention on PS3

Vita version also off the team sheet

Despite switching to Kojima Productions’ proprietary FOX Engine technology, PES 2014 will not sprint onto the PlayStation 4. The title – which was teased earlier in the week – will instead focus its full attention on the PlayStation 3. Asked why Konami is skipping Sony’s latest system, the series’...

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