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ModNation Racers (PS3 / PlayStation 3)

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A Creative Twist on Classic Kart Racing

Get behind the wheel of PlayStation's latest creative gaming title, ModNation Racers. A PlayStation 3 exclusive, it is a thoroughly fresh take on classic and ever-popular kart racing that empowers the player both in single player and multiplayer to personalize their entire game. Like all kart racers, the comic action is all about what happens on the tracks. Enjoy endless karting fun, where winning the race is only half of the fun. Players looking for the full experience can use combat-like racing strategies to attack other karts with an array of dramatic weapons, while those interested in focusing solely on racing, can stick to racing in Pure Race mode. The choice is your in ModNation Racers.

The Ultimate Kart Racer Customization

ModNation Racers features extreme customisation, and as such allows each player to create their own unique racing experience with the same tools used by the development team. Begin by expressing yourself through the creation of your own Mod character and quirky kart. Starting with more or less a blank slate, players are free to change a variety of their racer's features. These range from head features and skin color, to wearable gear and attire. Customization of karts is equally deep, allowing for alteration of everything from suspension and interior, to body, wheels, decals. Finally, ModNation Racers gives players everything that they need to build the tracks of their dreams. With this functionality, known as Track Studio, players can invest minimal time and enjoy basic creating, or they can invest more time and make sure every lake, mountain, banked turn and power-up is placed perfectly. Either way the result is quick, contagious fun that can be shared through online races of up to 12 players, which can even be rated by the online community.

Key Game Features

Accessible and Fun – For racers, newcomers to video games or an aspiring game developer.
Classic Kart Racing Action – Exceptional kart handling and physics technology, including drifting, jumps and boosting.
Fun Weapons – Classic weapons and some crazy new ones.
Create Your Own Track, Character and Kart – Spend minutes creating or hours perfecting everything in the game.
Story Mode – Rise up to become an elite racer in the humorous campaign.
Online Community – Race and rate other peoples creations and enjoy endless user generated content.
Multiplayer Support – ModNation Racers contains deep multiplayer support including 2-player local versus play, and 2-12 player online support.
PlayStation Network Support – Features include matchmaking, detailed stats and leaderboards, friends list management, communication tools, PlayStation trophies, etc.

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Posted by Sammy Barker

Drive, create, share

ModNation Racers takes everything that is good about Nintendo's Mario Kart franchise and rids itself of the bad. It then put the remains into a bowl and mixes in one-third LittleBigPlanet and two-thirds fun. This is a kart racer done the Play, Create,...

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