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Anyone know what's up with Sony's trophy page?

Until recently, if you visited...[YOUR PSNID] got a public list of your trophies.

For the last couple of weeks, all I've got is a page with "File not found" on it, and I can't seem to find any info on it, which makes me wonder if it's working okay for everyone else. For my part, I've cleared cookies, I've tried several browsers both signed in and signed out, and get the same thing every time.

If I'm signed in on the EU PlayStation site, I can view them fine, but this page was part of the US site and carried a public list, viewable by anyone; as far as I know, the EU site doesn't have this feature... you have to be signed in to view them, so it's no use to anyone without an account.

Anyone shed any light?

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Not sure if it is related but non of my trophies have come up on the 'What's New' section of the PS4 dash for the last couple of weeks. This happens now and again but this is the longest it has gone on for.


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@JohnnyShoulder Yeah, I think mine has been doing that too.

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It annoying i got my 5th platinum and wanted to show it off to all 5 of my friends lol


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Is this affecting the Sony Rewards trophy passes to earn points or the trophy feature on Sony's consoles or sites like PSN Profiles?

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@ReanSchwarzer7 I wouldn't know about the rewards stuff as we don't have that in the uk yet. I'm still getting the trophies and they appear on external sites, but don't show up on the What's New section of the PS4 dash. And i can still see my friends trophies on that section.


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@JohnnyShoulder Based in the UK as well; over the past couple days, I've had my trophies appear under Recent Activity on my profile page, but not on my What's New feed. Seems like only a few specific parts of the interconnected system aren't talking to one another.

Congratulations on earning your fifth platinum trophy, though. Here's to many more!

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@RogerRoger Cheers! Yeah your explanation sounds about right. It has not been the same since osn went down a couple of weeks back.


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