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@Kidfried If you focus on the main story alone I think you could beat it in 30 hours. You change difficulty anytime, btw. Updating it you'll get also the free Adventure pack with extra dungeons.

Praise the Sun, and Mario too.

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@andreoni79 Wanted to relax right now before heading off to a job interview by playing Ni No Kuni II right now, but unfortunately... updating! Still, sounds like the updates will be worth the wait. Cheers.



Yeah I'm probs gonna wait until Dragon Quest drops in price a wee bit. I haven't totally enjoyed the JRPGs I've played this gen, but I'm determined to find one that clicks with me.

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@Kidfried It's a decent game, I enjoyed it. Not a top tier RPG by any stretch, but it's charming and has a fun battle system. I liked that it isn't too taxing, it made it a relaxing, cheerful experience. Just watch out for how many times Evan says "gosh" or "golly". 😂 Good luck with your job interview!

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@Kidfried I honestly can’t say I can. Post #43 is basically my mini review lol.
Having said that, I’m pretty much in the minority. Most seem to enjoy it.

I also think my expectations for the game were too high- same as with
SP Fractured But Whole as I loved The Stick of Truth & NNK(1). I just didn’t get what I wanted from it.
Maybe you’ll enjoy it more as a stand-alone experience.

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So, some impressions:

  • Game looks great. The character design is out of this world. The colors in here are amazing.
  • The soundtrack is the game's worst asset unfortunately. Turn the music down when you play.
  • The story is better than I expected (my expectations were low). It's no Yakuza or anything, but it doesn't aspire to. It wants to be very feel good, and take you on a fun adventure. I think it succeeds.
  • The battle system is pretty good, though you need to put the difficulty on high. The game hasn't been difficult at all so far. The battle tweaker and the small elementals are nice additions.
  • The game can be slow for slow's sake, which is too bad. Slow movement and overexposition hurt the game's pace a bit.
  • There's not a lot of cringe, which is great. Only Evan's VO maybe.
  • The side stuff, like RTS fighting, is pretty cool.
  • I really wanted to play a new JRPG, so that obviously helps how much I am enjoying this one. I believe anyone saying DQ11 is better, but this one has treated me really well so far.



@Kidfried You haven’t played the first one, correct? Has NNK2 served as a reasonable place to jump in without knowledge of the first game?

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@Th3solution I've played a bit of the first one, but this one takes place centuries later it seems. Stories don't seem to be connected at all, from what I've played.



@mookysam I'm 70 hours in, by modern JRPG standards that means I'm at 70% I guess?

Anyway, I'm enjoying my time, and wished I could have spent more time with it. But recently my life has just been so busy, with my gaming hobby being put to the background unfortunately.

The game's a great time waster. I think you said it all in your recommendation to me:

mookysam wrote:

Not a top tier RPG by any stretch, but it's charming and has a fun battle system. I liked that it isn't too taxing, it made it a relaxing, cheerful experience.

I skip through a lot of text, as the writing isn't as great as many other games in the genre, but the game has enough harm to make up for that. Also I just like the feeling of making progress: earning money, better gear, completing quests. This game pats you on the back for every little thing you do, which makes it a perfect game to play in short bursts.



@Kidfried Glad you're enjoying it. It's just a nice, chill game and doesn't require too much of the player.

Hmm not sure how long the game took me, but it must have been around 100 hours. That said, I did do a lot of the extra stuff such as the skirmishes, which to my surprise I really quite enjoyed. The EGX skirmish demo didn't impress me at all, so that was nice.

Am I right in thinking that the first DLC is out next month? I think it'll be good to play before Christmas as a nice palate cleanser. Also have the last Dreamer's Door dungeon to do and one more skirmish for the platinum!

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