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Hi! So I figured I would start a discussion thread about the new game Dragon Fin Soup from the Grimm Bros. Since it is cross-buy across all 3 PS platforms, as well as (NA) PS+ free game for Nov. '15, discussions can range across the 3 forums. So what are your thoughts on this roguelike -tactical RPG?

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I'm staying away from it at the moment as I'm a bit busy with other games and I'm worried that if I try it and don't immediately love it I'll push it to one side and forget about it. So I'm going to sit on it it until I'm bored one day, and then do it justice

Would be good to hear all ya'll thoughts, though.


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Just picked up Disgaea 4, so will likely be a while before I give this a go as I want to be able to dedicate some proper time to it, but I'd like to hear people's feedback on it as I've liked what I've seen so far!

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I layed a taster last night. I'm liking it so far. Only played for about an hour though, so I can't really say much, but I did enjoy the hour I spent on it!

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I'm level 15 atm and done a bit of crafting etc seem's pretty good. Plenty of item's and stat's to do up, I can't really tell what difference they make yet. There's plenty of space to learn more skill's and spell's and pet's that fight for you (spoiler~I have a little walking hand that fight's for me now as well as the dog). The only couple of gripe's is the crafting is very long winded and as far as I can see when you get some new armor it doesn't show on your character she alway's look's the same. Only a few hour's in but it's OK man, i've got a little soft spot for turn based game's though (I like the look of Bloodbowl for example) and the turn's are very quick you can kill most thing's in a few second's it doesn't really slow the game down, I like it great freebie anyway.




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