• News Dropshot Is Rocket League's Latest New Mode

    Update drops next week

    Psyonix is readying up its latest content update for its evergreen multiplayer smash Rocket League. The headline addition this time around is Dropshot, an all-new game type that introduces yet another way to pit rocket cars against a giant ball. The objective in this new mode is to use the ball to deal damage to segments of...



  • News Rocket League's Neo Tokyo Update Is Massive

    GG, Psyonix

    It seems that, to win the favour of gamers these days, ongoing support for your game is just as important as the game you launch. Psyonix knows this, and its post-release content drops and feature-adding patches have kept swathes of players happy since the seminal sports game launched last year. Rocket League's latest patch, version...


  • News Psyonix Targets the Top of the Rocket League

    Rocket power

    What is better than football, we hear you cry? Well, football with rocket-powered cars, of course. That's the basic premise of the fast-paced, action sports game Rocket League, currently ambiguously announced for "consoles" in Spring 2015. Coming a little while after the launch of Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars,...