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    Review Tales of Berseria

    Velvet not cut from the same cloth

    You can always count on the Tales series to keep to its roots. While the latest Final Fantasy might have divided opinion with its more Westernised open world direction, Tales of Berseria is a far more typical Japanese role-playing game that continues – and develops, in some meaningful ways – the genre's...

  • Feature Tales of Berseria Goes For a Darker Kind of RPG Party

    Not your usual group of teenagers

    The Tales series has always taken its main cast of characters pretty seriously, and Tales of Berseria is no different. The upcoming action role-playing game takes a slightly different path to its predecessors, opting to focus on a more mature story that's pushed to the forefront by a somewhat troubled playable...

  • News Tales of Berseria's Demo Is Out Now on PS4


    Tales of Berseria's playable pre-release demo is out right on the European PlayStation Store, weighing in at 444.8MB on the PlayStation 4. We imagine that it'll hit the North American store either just after midnight or at some point tomorrow. The demo should give you a decent taste of the combat system, which is bound to be as frantic as...

  • News Tales of Berseria Goes Wild in Japan This August

    Gets a brand new story trailer, too

    Tales of Berseria has reached out with its giant demonic hand and grabbed a confirmed Japanese release date. The latest title in Bandai Namco's long running series will supposedly deal with more mature themes, and with a cast consisting of rogues and vagabonds, we're hoping that the story can avoid a few clichés...