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  • News Sony's New Website Lets North American Users Check Their PlayStation Gaming Stats for 2018

    Who doesn't love some good stats

    Last year, Sony opened a webpage where European PS4 owners could create a video, describing various interesting statistics about their gaming habits over the console's lifespan. Those in North America unfortunately missed out on this, but now, another website enables US users to get their very own batch of stats...

  • News Player Numbers for Various PS4 Titles Crunched

    Grand Theft Auto V the most played

    Some smart statisticians have crunched the player numbers for a bunch of PlayStation 4 titles, using a combination of data from Sony’s popular My PS4 Life videos and Trophy completion percentages. It’s not a fool proof algorithm, as we don’t know the exact period of time that the aforementioned social videos...

  • Guide God of War - All Kratos' Stats and What They Mean

    How to effectively upgrade the protagonist

    God of War is not a role-playing game, but it borrows liberally from the genre. As such, you have the opportunity to customise Kratos in the way you see fit by altering his armour and attaching enchantments to them which offer various perks and ability boosts. But what statistics can you alter and what do...