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    Review Momonga Pinball Adventures

    Flippin’ squirrels!

    Momonga Pinball Adventures is a story-based pinball game with a twist: instead of using a ball you are flipping a squirrel. You take on the role of Momo, a flying squirrel who escaped his village when it was attacked and destroyed by owl bandits. Now with your help, he sets out on a quest to find his "kidnapped" friends and...

  • News Don't Let PETA See This PS4 Pinball Game

    Squirrel flipkin

    PETA is renowned for taking a dim view of the video game industry, so we doubt that this title about firing a poor squirrel across pinball tables is going to go down especially well. To be fair, this isn't a matter of mere animal cruelty: Momonga Pinball Adventures sees you assume the role of "flying squirrel Momo, and pals Panda...