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    Review VR Ping Pong


    We suppose it is a bit silly getting excited over a virtual reality ping pong simulation when most recreational centres have real tables of their own. Nevertheless, this author has always enjoyed a spot of video game table tennis, with Sports Champions (sorry, Rockstar) being the best adaptation thus far. But does PlayStation VR title VR Ping...

  • Video Watch Us Get Decimated in VR Ping Pong on PS4

    Down and out

    Y'know all that chat about us being good at table tennis and stuff? Turns out we're bloody terrible, and here's the video evidence to prove it. We went into VR Ping Pong without any prior practice, expecting to waltz through a couple of matches for your viewing pleasure. Turns out we got decimated by the AI on easy – even after taking...

  • News VR Ping Pong Bats a Path to PlayStation VR

    Smash hit

    For all of the amazing games on the PlayStation 3, some of your humble host's fondest memories are of playing table tennis in Sports Champions. The controls and physics in that particular minigame were just brilliant, and while the package as a whole was quite soulless, this author lost many an hour to it, batting balls back at plain faced...