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  • Store Update 31st July 2013 (Europe)

    Kingdom come

    Much like its North American counterpart, the latest European PlayStation Store update is brimming with noteworthy additions. Content includes Cloudberry Kingdom, PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD, and BioShock Infinite’s first

  • Review Tokyo Jungle Mobile (PlayStation Mobile)

    Beast wars

    You might be kidded into thinking that there'd be some modicum of peace on Earth if the human race, along with its wide range of squabbles and skirmishes, evaporated one day. The Tokyo Jungle series disagrees. After society collapses, humans go bye-bye and cities become overgrown concrete jungles, the conflicts of the animal kingdom rage...

  • Store Update 17th July 2013 (Europe)

    Nothing to see here

    We were hoping that this week’s European PlayStation Store update would offer something of merit after last week’s shambles, but it turns out that the games industry really is on vacation. We suppose that there’s The Smurfs 2 to keep you entertained. Urgh, forget it – we’re going outside to eat a Calippo. PS3 Games:...

  • Store Update 10th July 2013 (Europe)

    The one that nearly got away

    It’s been an incredible year for gaming thus far, but we’ve definitely hit the summer lull. As such, you could probably forgive us for skipping this week’s European PlayStation Store update entirely – and we nearly did. Still, we’ve managed to engineer a spare minute or two, so here’s the latest content vying...

  • News Tokyo Jungle Mobile Makes a Mess on PSM in North America Next Week

    Woof stuff

    Tokyo Jungle Mobile will be taking a trip overseas next week, according to a post by our friends over at PSNStores. The game – which was announced for Japan in Famitsu magazine earlier today – will stalk Sony’s fledgling PlayStation Mobile platform from 10th July. It’ll cost y

  • News Tokyo Jungle Mates with PlayStation Mobile on 10th July

    Wild thing

    Ace side-scrolling animal simulation Tokyo Jungle is set to get a PlayStation Mobile spin-off in Japan later this month, reports Siliconera. The farm-fresh digital download – teased in the latest issue of Famitsu magazine – will supposedly adopt an isometric perspective, and will subsequently play differently to its PlayStation 3...

  • Store Update 19th June 2013 (Europe)

    OMG Edition

    After a slow couple of weeks, the European PlayStation Store is back with a vengeance. This week’s update includes a wealth of content, spanning Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara HD, Thunder Wolves, and the Jak & Daxter Collection. The refresh also marks the arrival of OMG HD Zombies, which you can learn mor

  • Store Update 5th June 2013 (Europe)

    Crab salad

    This week’s European PlayStation Store update may not be bulging at the seams, but we can forgive its brevity due to its inclusion of Coconut Dodge Revitalised. The full PlayStation Vita overhaul is available for free for PlayStation Plus subscribers, and should be an instant download. Honestly, the only way that you can have more fun...

  • Store Update 22nd May 2013 (Europe)

    Taking a leak

    Everyone’s going barmy for the bathroom in this week’s European PlayStation Store update, as Men’s Room Mayhem bursts onto the PlayStation Vita. The pee ‘em up is joined by a whole host of hits that you won’t want to flush away, including Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, Resident Evil: Revelations, and, er, Fast & Furious:...

  • Store Update 15th May 2013 (Europe)

    Neutrino speed

    There are a decent roster of titles available as part of this week’s European PlayStation Store update, but you only really need to know about one: Velocity Ultra. After a long wait, FuturLab’s award winning arcade hit has finally teleported its way onto the PlayStation Vita, and we couldn’t be more excited. Other new arrivals...

  • News PS Mobile Promotion Refreshes with Free Cubixx Next Week

    Cut down to size

    Laughing Jackal’s devilishly addictive Cubixx will be the next title to join Sony’s ongoing PlayStation Mobile giveaway next week. The three-dimensional reimagining of arcade classic Qix will replace Beats Slider on Wednesday, and will be available for free for the duration of a week. The puzzler has seen a number of iterations...

  • News PlayStation Mobile Braces Itself for Chimpact

    Cheeky monkey

    Those of you searching for something to ape around with in your spare time need look no further than Chimpact, an upcoming PlayStation Mobile title that sees you propelling primates around increasingly complex jungle mazes in order to score points. The title promises addictive one-touch gameplay that’s “easy to play, but fun to...