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  • News PS2 Classics Join PlayStation Now Subscription Service

    Retro revival

    PlayStation Now was always billed as on-demand access to Sony’s archives, and while it has made great strides towards that goal in recent years, it’s still a long way off achieving what we suspect the platform holder envisions for it. Nevertheless, the company has added the first batch of PlayStation 2 Classics to the streaming...



  • News PlayStation Now Will Start Streaming PS4 Games This Year

    Expanded horizons

    Sony's announced the first major update to PlayStation Now since dropping a host of platforms earlier in the year: PlayStation 4 games are coming. In addition to the near 500 or so PlayStation 3 titles that can already be streamed with the Japanese giant's on-demand subscription service, new-gen releases will be added as part of a...



  • Feature PlayStation Now Review - The State of Cloud Gaming in 2016

    Stream machine

    PlayStation Now has been a fixture in the Sony furniture for some time now, and that's left it a little misunderstood. In absence of true backward compatibility on the PlayStation 4, many see it as a solution for PlayStation 3 gameplay on the Japanese giant's new-gen machine. But, as its recent release on the PC testifies, the...

  • Hands On Does PlayStation Now Stream Successfully to PC?

    Power of the cloud

    PlayStation Now's been misinterpreted by many. The cloud-streaming solution – often incorrectly labelled as Sony's answer to backward compatibility – is clearly an initiative in its infancy; the service that's available today represents the building blocks of a much bigger ambition, where PlayStation hardware is replaced by an...

  • News PlayStation Now Streams Sony Exclusives to PC from Tomorrow

    Bandwidth caps be damned

    As rumoured recently, streaming service PlayStation Now is coming to the PC starting tomorrow in the UK, Belgium, and the Netherlands, with more regions to follow imminently, including the US. The client will allow you to stream a growing catalogue of PlayStation 3 games to an Internet-connected computer, with more than...

  • News PlayStation Now May Start Streaming to PC Soon

    The future is Now

    Rumour has it that PlayStation Now, the streaming service which allows you to play PlayStation 3 games in a Netflix-esque on-demand fashion, will roll out on the PC from 23rd August. The service is already available on the PlayStation 4 and Vita, and has launched on select Samsung and Sony televisions, but if true, this would...






  • News PlayStation Now Subscriptions Shrunk Down to PS Vita

    Not entirely forgotten

    PlayStation Now has proven to be something of an anti-climax we suppose. Don't get us wrong, the technology is impressive, but Sony's struggled to stumble upon a business model that makes sense for both the company and consumers, and that's dampened the enthusiasm for the service somewhat. Plus, that whole backwards...





  • News PlayStation Now Streams to UK Shores This Spring

    Register for the private beta now

    It's already grim here in muggy old England, but things are about to get a lot more cloudy. Sony has announced that it will launch a PlayStation Now beta in the UK this spring, marking the service's first steps outside of North America. PlayStation Plus members will be given preferential treatment, but you'll need a...






  • News Here's How Renting Games with PlayStation Now Will Work

    Ten new titles added

    The PlayStation Now beta has been trundling along for a while now, and participants have no doubt been using the service to stream games until their thumbs drop off from exhaustion. Unfortunately, the rest of us are relegated to sitting outside with our eyes peeled in a vain attempt to catch even a cursory glimpse of the fabled...




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